A Day With Edinburgh Uni Seconds

University badminton is an interesting but often untouched subject – how many people could tell you how the league system works here in Scotland? Not many people, and I couldn’t either until October 22.

I joined Edinburgh University’s Second team as they played Glasgow Uni at the Stevenson Sports Center to find out what it is all about. 

THE University of Edinburgh’s second team are in the top tier of the Scottish badminton Uni league for the first time, joining their first team at the top level after a rise through the divisions.

Although technically the firsts are not even the best the University has to offer – with the best women at the University playing in the UK wide Uni badminton league.

Unfortunately it wasn’t a great day at the office for the team from the capital on October 22 as they went down 12-0 to Glasgow University. (Games are all best of three and one point is awarded per win. There are eight players on each team and matches are men’s singles, girls’ singles, doubles and mixed doubles).

Thankfully for Edinburgh Seconds, they are likely to remain in the division comfortably despite the loss due to Dundee forfeiting a game due to a lack of players which resulted in a points deduction.

The victors, Glasgow firsts, are second in the top division only behind Edinburgh’s first team on losses.

Find the full table, results and fixtures here: http://www.bucs.org.uk/bucscore/TeamProfile.aspx?id=296&sport=Badminton&institution=University%20of%20Edinburgh


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