Basic Rules: Learn to play badminton


  • Badminton is played as a best of three games. All games are first to 21 points, with one point awarded to the winner of each rally.
  • If the score reaches 20-20, it goes to two clear points (22-20, 25-23 etc). If the score reaches 29-29 then the next point is the winner.
  • The player winning a game serves in the next.
  • Every match must start with a 'toss'. The shuttlecock is thrown in the air, and whichever player/team the bottom end of the shuttle faces will choose either to serve or a side to start on.
  • When the score is even, the server will stand on the right hand side of the court, the server stands on the left if the score is odd (10-2 - right, 10-3 - left).
  • In singles, the winner of a point will serve. In doubles, each side gets one serve at a time.
  • In a singles match, the tramlines down the side of the court and at the back of the court are classed as out, for doubles the full court is in use.
  • When the leading player in a game reaches 11 points, a 60 second break is taken. There are two minutes between each game. If the match reaches a third game, the players swap sides when the leader reaches 11.


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